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We have the experience and the expertise to build your Website, Mobile App, Web App, ERP, RFID, IoT, CRM, and Cloud solutions.

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Who We Are

Software is our Art and our passion. At TekiArtz, we create high-quality software to solve business problems.

TekiArtz was founded in 2021 in KGF (100 Km from Bangalore). We are an energetic team of software engineers. And our impact far exceeds our size. Our team works with passionate innovators from startups and enterprises to bring their product ideas to life.

We care about your vision, mission, and company goals. We take your requirements document, We will provide you with an estimate and build it based on your feedback. We want to HELP you – and we’ll share our business expertise with you at every step.

We use great tech, including ReactJS, HTML/CSS, Python, React Native, MongoDB, MySQL, Java and other current trends.

Our Values

Our values are foundational and are reflected in each one of us. Be it with our work or our people, these are absolute.

Client-centric Approach

We always start from scratch, by analyzing your ideas, designing a framework, creating a digital strategy, and devise a solution that solves core obstacles to boost your business productivity.

Result-oriented Approach

Our passionate & expert professionals have that fire burning within them to achieve the most effective results.

Effective Collaboration

The key to success is communication. With our expert development team, we stay in touch with our clients using a variety of platforms & mediums that enable effectiveness, clarity, & accuracy.

Sincerity in Everything

As part of our company's integrity, we deliver high-quality projects in accordance with our commitments, & we conduct business honestly & fair-mindedly.

Quality Delivered in Time

As an organization, we leverage a large set of internal frameworks and best-in-class infrastructure to deliver high-quality solutions that are always superior in terms of functionality and features.

Great Place to Work

We Value You, People, Growth, Culture, Quality, & Change. You can find & grow your own tribe here. An environment filled with Calm, courageous, grateful, & calm people.

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Digital Services We Provide

Let’s digitize your business

iOS App Development

Android App Development

Web App Development

Custom Software Development

ERP / RFID Solutions

Internet of Things (IoT)

Logo/Web/Graphic Design

Digital Marketing

Master Your Software Development Project. From conception to completion, our team brings your bold ideas to life.

A website is a must-have for every business to establish a digital footprint and boost digital visibility across globe.

The web design we provide at TekiArtz is optimized for maximum website eyeballs and traffic to help you create awareness for your brand. With the most efficient web development processes in place, we ensure your website development is completed on time and within budget.

Our web design and development options are based on your budget and brand objectives!!

Custom HTML website design and development

What makes your website visitors impressed and engaged?

SEO optimized, Dynamic & responsive pages, Highspeed pages and Creative design.

Get high performance and scalable mobile app development services for your business

Today, mobile applications are an essential part of every brand's marketing strategy. You should have a mobile-first online strategy for your business, taking into consideration the advent of smartphones on the planet, especially in developing countries.

Framework for rapid application development

For our app development, we use a rapid application development framework, which uses prebuilt components instead of starting from scratch, allowing us to deliver apps in 10% of the time it normally takes.

We Develop IoT / RFID applications to create a smart environment

Development of robust and feature-rich IoT apps is one of our key areas of expertise. Contact us to deliver best-in-class results!

Build Custom ERP System which is very Important to Your Company.

ERP Systems are important to your company because they allow you to streamline your workflow and address a number of pain points in day-to-day operations. With these software solutions at your disposal, you can speed up customer accommodation, eliminate repetitive back-office processes, consolidate data more efficiently, and improve team communication.

We have built mobile applications with multiple features.

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